Do you know how to publish a book? The basics of self-publishing may seem simple, but if you want to do it well and give your book a chance to sell, there’s a lot to learn – the workings of a whole industry in fact. Once you start looking into how to publish a book, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed, and all you wanted to do was write, right? But don’t despair, because we can assist you with our self-publishing services, and we can even do it all for you with our full self-publishing service.

Our full self-publishing service is the ultimate way to make self-publishing easy; you just employ us to do all the tricky bits for you. We lead you step by step through the process of publishing a book, and you have the advantage of our professional advice on best practices to guide your decision making.

What makes us different to other publishing services? We care about our authors and aim to help them produce a book of which they can be proud. We pride ourselves on our integrity, and we’re run by an author/editor who had navigated the path to publication herself, so she knows what it’s like learning how to publish a book.

How to publish a book when you don’t know how

Get us to do it for you!

It works like this.

  • You contact us and send us your book.
  • We take a look and tell you what editing it needs – the minimum is a proofread.
  • We can arrange the editing, or you can have another professional do it for you.
  • After editing and proofreading, you pay us to do the print publishing, and we pay you 85% of the sales returns (minus printing and distribution costs).
    Or, by special request, if you’re prepared for a little more work, you can get 100% royalties on print books by selecting Kindle Direct Publishing Print (KDPP) as your printer/distributor and you upload and manage your book with them yourself. (Click here for more information on this option) This option is not recommended for authors living outside the UK or USA.
    For non-UK and US authors we can help you set up your own account at Ingram Spark and upload the books there, so again you get the royalties directly from the distributor.
    In both these instances further costs apply, you would be publishing under your own name, and we cannot assist you should you have problems with the printer/distributor.
    If you wish to do either of these options, please let us know when you first contact us.
  • We also give you an ebook file which you can upload to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and other ebook publishing and distribution platforms, and you take 100% of the income from ebooks. We can even do that for you if you need assistance.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Will we publish your book?

Escarpment Publishing publishes the following: children’s books; picture books; individual and family histories, and non-fiction aimed at and appealing to a general readership.

Note that books will be required to meet basic standards of proficiency, must have socially responsible content and any claims made in non-fiction must be backed up by research. We don’t publish academic  works or anything that encourages or promotes predjudice, violence, conspiracy theories, covid misinformation or cults of any kind.

We will advise on what editing is needed, and the book must be, at the very least, professionally copy edited and proofread before we will agree to publish it. We can arrange the editing for you, or you can have it done elsewhere, but the editor must be a professional freelancer with a website.

Please fill in the form on our Contact page and we’ll get back to you.


For more details and costs, see the submissions page on our parent company (Alkira Publishing) website and the FAQ page. Though Alkira Publishing is a hybrid publisher with a submission and selection process, the costs and process are the same as for Escarpment Publishing (EP), apart from extra costs should you wish to choose a 100% royalties on print books option and we do not promote EP books. For Escarpment Publishing books, the author has full control over and responsibility for the final product, including how much editing they want done.