TOWARDS A BETTER LIFE is the book for you if you grew up next to an alcoholic parent and you wish to create a better life for yourself. If you are having troubles setting boundaries, if you have the tendency of putting the needs of others first while neglecting your own, if you find it hard to talk to others about your needs and have troubles fulfilling them; In this book you are going to find the knowledge and insight which will help you understand and find your path towards a better life. – Dr. Nada Mirnik Trtnik, Marriage and family therapist

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What Readers are saying about Adult Children of Alcoholics

An invaluable work for anyone struggling with alcohol addiction in any form or capacity. Through theory and practice, it enriches the individual with expanded knowledge and a deeper understanding of the problem, while offering encouragement and solutions. All that is required for a constructive path towards a better life. —Dr. Veronika Podgoršek, psychotherapist and author

This book is truly remarkable. It is filled with invaluable lessons and important insights that shed light on how alcoholism impacts the lives of adult children of alcoholics. By reading this book, applying its teachings, and following its guidance, you can take steps to overcome the effects of (alcoholism) growing up with an addicted parent and reclaim your life. —Brian Tracy, Author/Speaker/Consultant

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