Bim the Blue-Eyed Bullphin
Bim the Blue-Eyed Bullphin

Bim Zealand Von Marmaduke is Kiama’s best-kept secret, as elusive and mythical as the Loch Ness Monster. If you see him, which is unlikely but nevertheless possible, no one will believe you. Or will they? In this book we meet Bim and read what happened to a couple of local blokes who swear they saw him.



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“This is a must read. A book with the most interesting of characters. Everyone from every age will enjoy this adventure. Never has Kiama come alive like this before.”
– Matt Brown, Kiama Councillor, Chairman of Destination Kiama.

“With Bullphin Warren has created a character who embraces the good v evil in the beautiful surrounds of Kiama. An exciting read for all – young and young at heart.”
– Mark Honey, Kiama Mayor.

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