When Brad O’Connor, video producer and multi-media man, wakes to find he has lost a day, he discovers that a terrorist group has made him appear responsible for an abortion clinic massacre. Why? To manipulate him into furthering their nefarious agenda.

With the police on his tail, Brad must gather evidence to prove his innocence before he’s caught and convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. But who will believe his apparently crazy story? If he doesn’t free himself from the terrorists’ control and convince the police of the truth, the US president will be in grave danger, and Brad will face a life on the run, ending in either prison or death at the hands of the terrorists.


“An action-packed thrilling adventure that starts in western Pennsylvania and ends up headed for Pennsylvania Ave! The evidence implicating Brad in terrorist mass shootings is ironclad, so who would trust this fugitive who lacks an alibi, and who can he trust help him prove his innocence? You won’t be able to put this one down as you follow Brad on his journey from a mid-life crisis to what turns into an existential crisis reaching to the highest levels of the government.”

– Michael Rupp, freelance editor and translator

“What happened to Tuesday? A total memory lapse, and suddenly a video producer is on the run, chased by the police and duped by an evil syndicate.  Terrorist attacks on abortion clinics. Theft of plutonium to make nuclear warheads. The plot thickens with each turn of events and the reader can’t stop turning the pages to find out what happens next. A thriller right down to the end.”

– Terry Laskowski, teacher educator, Japan

Author Bio

J.S. Morrow, action thriller and non-fiction author, has had several stories from his book of shorts, Mystic Bloodnight, appear on the Edge of Darkness horror podcast. His script, The Trap Door, was used in a Hunter College, CUNY student video production, and his poems Push, Bus Pass, and Soap and Silk, were published in the poetry anthology Rhyme and Reason. Non-fiction work includes Hokkaido Bound (with Narayan Akbar), published in Commotion Magazine, and The Ultimate Road Trip, which appeared in the Jet Journal. Originally from the USA, J.S. lives in Kumamoto, Japan where he teaches, writes, rides motorcycles, and plays bass in a rock band.

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