Adult Children of Alcoholics: Dr. Nada Mirnik Trtnik

If you’re an adult child of an alcoholic parent, then you would have absorbed their relational patterns while growing up. Becoming aware of these patterns is important because they affect your current relationships and your relationship with yourself. 

Some patterns are dysfunctional and are here to stay – until you realise it’s time to change them. This book will give you the support on your journey for a better life and better relationships.

This handbook presents the common problems that adult children of alcoholics face in their lives due to their family history, and it’s designed to help you overcome harmful patterns. It will help you set clear boundaries and create more self-awareness when it comes to feelings of guilt, shame, and fear. Useful and relatable examples help the reader feel more reassured and understood. All examples are entwined with scientific explanations and findings from the author’s long years of therapeutic practice.

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A brilliant combination of professional work, written in an understandable and relatable way and which deeply touches the reader’s soul. A rare example of popular scientific work that combines personal stories and the explanation of the mechanics of the human mind in a way that the reader can understand. An exceptional example of a stepping stone for anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life. Peter Mikuš, director 

“I can attest that this book is truly remarkable. It is filled with invaluable lessons and important insights that shed light on how alcoholism impacts the lives of adult children of alcoholics. By reading this book, applying its teachings, and following its guidance, you can take steps to overcome the effects of (alcoholism) growing up with an addicted parent and reclaim your life. Don’t hesitate to give it a read, as it has the power to transform your life in profound ways.” Brian Tracy, Author/Speaker/Consultant


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