Shadow Street: Laurie Finucane


Trapped. Married to a psychopath. Can she escape to a better life? 

Navigating a marriage with a psychopath is not only unpredictable but also, at times, dangerous. Add the Vietnam War, two children—one born with disabilities—plus the usual pitfalls a young married couple encounter, and you have the perfect recipe for domestic disaster.

This was Laurie Hawkins’ life. Once bound to James by marriage, and ambushed by her own codependency, the relationship morphs into a nightmare which traps her both emotionally and physically. The horrors defining this relationship multiply when the couple moves to the house on Shadow Street. Finally, after thirteen years of marriage, events align that set the stage for her escape. 

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What readers are saying about Shadow Street

“Shadow Street is a blistering account of one woman’s struggle to gain independence and to escape from an abusive relationship. Grim but compelling, it draws the reader in and keeps them reading despite a growing concern for the protagonist. This powerful personal story of appalling experiences needs to be read by anyone finding themselves in a similar situation – it is both a cautionary tale and a proof that there can be light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Pulling no punches, it is often a painful read but it is also a message that hope may ultimately triumph over despair.”
– Barbara Scott Emmett, Writer and Editor