Do you know how to publish a book? The basics of self-publishing may seem simple, but if you want to do it well and give your book a chance to sell, there’s a lot to learn – the workings of a whole industry in fact. Once you start looking into how to publish a book, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed, and all you wanted to do was write, right? But don’t despair, because we can assist you with our self-publishing services, and we can even do it all for you with our full self-publishing service.

Our full self-publishing service is the ultimate way to make self-publishing easy; you just employ us to do all the tricky bits for you. We lead you step by step through the process of publishing a book, and you have the advantage of our professional advice on best practices to guide your decision making.

What makes us different to other publishing services? We care about our authors and aim to help them produce a book of which they can be proud. We pride ourselves on our integrity, and we’re run by an author/editor who’s tread the path to publication herself, so she knows what it’s like learning how to publish a book.

How to publish a book when you don’t know how

Get us to do it for you! It works like this.

  • You contact us and send us your book.
  • We take a look and tell you what editing it needs – unless it’s already been professionally edited, it will need a manuscript appraisal followed by line and copy editing, and then a proofread.
  • We can arrange the editing, or you can have another professional do it for you.
  • After editing and proofreading, if we agree to publish your book, you pay us to do the print publishing, and we pay you 90% of the sales returns (minus printing and distribution costs).
  • We also give you an ebook file which you can upload it to Kindle Direct Publishing and other ebook publishing and distribution platforms, and you take 100% of the income.

That’s it in a nutshell.

What happens if we agree to publish your book

  • We will send you a non-exclusive publishing agreement to sign.
  • We will provide you with a timeline of the process, so you’ll know what’s happening next and what your responsibilities are.
  • Our book designer will create the cover and interior files needed to publish an ebook and paperback (and a hardcover if you want one). She will take your ideas into account whilst insuring the book has a cover and interior that will compete well in the marketplace.
  • We handle the ISBN, the title set up with the printer and distributor (and all the data management that entails), publish the paperback and give you 90% of the net income from book sales.
  • We will give you the files for your ebooks to upload to ebook publishing platforms yourself. That way you have pricing control and 100% royalties for the ebooks. We provide the documentation you need to be able to do it yourself, but we can also do it for you for an l additional fee.
  • Distribution: Our paperbacks have worldwide distribution through Ingram Distributors. Your paperback will appear on Amazon and other major online stores and will be available for order through all physical bookstores worldwide.
  • Marketing: Marketing is the author’s responsibility. We announce the book’s publication in the news section here and list it in our book section along with a link to the paperback on Amazon and Book Depository.


We keep our costs reasonable while not compromising the quality of our products.

Total cost of publication of paperback and provision of ebook files (not including extras, editing or proofreading): USD $1970 (AUD $2545).

(Editing and proofreading will be quoted and paid for separately. Proofreading costs from USD $0.00625 – $0.014 (AUD$0.0076 -$0.009) per word. Editing generally works out at around USD $0.026 and up to $0.04 (AUD $0.03 – $0.057) per word depending on how much editing is required. We will quote based on how much work your manuscript needs. You’re welcome to arrange your own editing and proofreading, so long as it’s done by a professional editor.)

Payments are made in three instalments.

  • Publisher Costs of USD$520 (plus 4% Paypal fees if you pay through Paypal.) Australian and New Zealand residents pay AUD$650.
  • Book Design Fee of USD $699 (AUD$919) for full-length works.
    Includes cover and simple interior design for ebooks and paperbacks with no interior images, 2 cover revisions and one interior revision, plus a 3D mockup of the book. Extra revisions are charged at USD$48/hr (AUDS60/hr). Please enquire for picture book fees. We quote according to each book’s requirements.
    – Large books: USD$0.01 (AUD$0.013) for each word over 100,000 words.
    – Premium interior design for paperback: decorative section break markers, designed section pages and/ or chapter headings. Price on discussion with book designer.

    – Preparation, where necessary, and layout of images for inclusion in the book: USD$48/hr (AUD$60/hr). This usually works out at roughly USD$8.00 (AUD$10) per image for photographs and professionally drawn illustrations.
    Hardback cover & publication: With jacket, USD$195 (AUD$265); without jacket, USD$160 (AUD$118), plus hardcover proof copy – roughly USD$35 (AUD$40).
    – Cover file for KDP Print (in addition to the one for Ingram Spark): USD$55 (AUD$69).
    – New Release Social Media Image set if required – see here.
  • Publishing Activities Fee of USD$800 (AUD$1000) plus half Paypal fees (2%) where applicable.
    Includes: getting the ISBN; title set up with printer; submitting book information to Thorpe Bowker data base; checking and uploading files; setting up a product page; emails, blog posts, and social media posts announcing book publication; uploading books to NED to secure copyright, plus email and other communications.
    If you need help uploading your ebooks, we can do it for USD$48 (AUD$60) per hour for our time.
  • Ebooks: 100% royalty.
  • Paperbacks:  90% of net income; i.e., what we receive from our printer and distributor Lightning Source minus 10%.
  • Payments will be via Paypal or electronic bank transfer and in the authors own currency. Payments will be made quarterly.
  • The author retains all copyright. EP has non-exclusive rights to publish the print copies and owns the print ISBN(s).
    We do not provide ISBNs for the ebooks as they aren’t needed for Kindle, and other platforms offer them for free should the author wish to make their ebooks available further afield than Amazon. Publications will be lodged on the author’s behalf with the Australian National Library to secure their copyright under Australian law.
  • Paperbacks are printed on demand, so you can buy as many or as few as you wish for yourself.
    You can buy books through us for cost price plus postage from printers in the USA, UK or Australia, plus an order processing fee of USD $30 (AUD$40).  Authors paying via Paypal in non-Australian currencies are charged an additional 3% bank international transaction fee and 4% Paypal fees. Paying directly into our Australian bank account via Wise avoids those fees.

Please see the FAQ page on the AIAP website for more information as most of what’s there also applies to books published through Escarpment Publishing.


Escarpment Publishing publishes the following: children’s books; picture books; individual and family histories, and non-fiction aimed at and appealing to a general readership.

Note that books will be required to meet basic standards of proficiency, must have socially responsible content and any claims made in non-fiction must be backed up by research. We don’t publish accademic works or anything that promotes conspiracy theories, covid misinformation or cult of any kind.

We will advise on what editing is needed, and the book must be, at the very least, professionally copy edited and proofread before we will agree to publish it. 

Please fill in the form on our Contact page and we’ll get back to you.