How to Find the Best Builder for Your Job

Are you planning on building a house or an extension or renovation on an existing one, or even just a retaining wall or a gazebo for your garden? If so, this is a must-read book that will likely save you time, money and stress. 

After many years of experience in working with people undertaking their first building job, Melbourne builder Peter Mikus knows exactly what key information about building and the way builders work people need to have before starting a building project. He shares his expertise in easy to understand language with the occasional touch of humour that makes this a highly readable, enjoyable and informative guide for anyone looking for a builder.  

Read it before you start planning and avoid common mistakes. 

So You’re Looking for a Builder.

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What Readers are saying about So You’re Looking for a Builder

‘So You’re Looking for a Builder is an essential book for anyone thinking of undertaking a building project. In an easy going style, experienced builder Peter Mikus provides information that will save you time, money and stress.’
-Tahlia Newland, Author, Editor, Publisher

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